The special programs are a differentiating service of greater specificity and quality in accompanying Members. Whether your goal is to improve your sports performance or your health and well-being, our special programs they are the ideal way to do it efficiently and adjusted to your needs.

Each program is focused on the very particular needs of those who are more demanding or require differentiated monitoring . All of our programs have a specific format, duration and mode and are designed to adjust to the needs of each individual, encompassing a set of services in which physical exercise, nutrition and proximity monitoring are key vectors.

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In just 12 weeks, we will present all the necessary tools in your running kit: recovery, speed, strength and endurance. Regardless of your goals, we will not only make you a better runner, but we will also help to keep things interesting. The running training program can help prepare you for races at events ranging from mid-distance on the track to ultramarathons on tracks and roads.

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We all want to live a healthy lifestyle and stay in great shape. With the demands of day-to-day life, we fully understand the importance of weight loss programs that are not only convenient but also make it simple to obtain the results of your dreams. Here at the Village, our exercise and nutrition program is designed to fit your needs and help you gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

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Do old injuries limit everyday life? Want to prevent injuries or avoid surgery? Do you feel you are not yet 100? Do you live in pain? In our programs you will find excellent professionals, specialized in therapeutic training, who will help you to achieve optimal health, mobility and well-being. We invest in a customer-centered approach, with assessments and intervention plans adjusted to each condition in order to improve their quality of life.

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Are you afraid or don’t know how to exercise due to your Diabetes? Remember, along with your diet and medications, regular physical activity is an important part of managing diabetes or treating prediabetes. Now imagine working with professionals who understand everything you are going through. Someone who has a wealth of professional knowledge and experience in the areas of diabetes, nutrition, exercise to help you / build the health you’ve always wanted.

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Developed by some of the best specialists in the Algarve, the ATLETA program is designed to improve sports performance. Totally based on the latest scientific evidence and focused on quantifiable results, this program is aimed at athletes of all ages interested in taking their performance to another level through a system designed to increase speed, strength, agility and endurance according to the modality and objective of each one.

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The Village’s prevention and performance team offers programs to correct mechanical problems that can increase the likelihood of injury, while building an athlete’s balance, strength and agility. Helping athletes in all sports, we provide specialized care with an emphasis on: ACL injury prevention, Basketball and dance injury prevention program, Golf and shoulder injury rehabilitation program, Running injury prevention program, Among others

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